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Section Officials to Visit 2018 Field Day Sites

Apr 29, 2018

Is your Field Day Site listed in the ARRL Field Day Locator?  If it's not, you may want to add it!

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Field Day 2018 is on June 23rd & 24th.  Section officials are starting their planning for visiting various Field Day sites around the section.

North Texas Section Manager Jay Urish W5GM will be visiting Field Day sites in the north and west parts of the section.  He'll depart from his QTH in the McKinney area early Saturday morning and head towards Wichita Falls.  Jay's planned stops include Field Day sites in ARES Districts 1 and 3.

North Texas Section Emergency Coordinator Jerry Goodson W5BFF will be visiting sites in the south and west parts of the section.  Jerry's planned stops include the Field Day sites in ARES Districts 2 and 6.  

Other NTX Officials will also be out visiting various Field Day sites, and they're using the Field Day Locator on the website to plan their routes.

If your group plans on submitting your Field Day activities for points, and would like to request a visit from an ARRL North Texas Section official for the points, please contact Jerry Goodson W5BFF at