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North Texas Section December 2019 Newsletter

Dec 9, 2019

Greetings fellow North Texas Amateur Radio Communicators:

  • Club Visits by your Section Manager
  • Notes from Section Emergency Coordinator, Greg, K5GTX
  • Notes from the Public Information Coordinator
  • Notes from the Section Youth Coordinator
  • Notes from our Section Traffic Manager
  • Our New Affiliated Club Coordinator
  • Section Manager Travels
  • 2020 is around the corner
  • Staying in the Know between SM Newsletter issues  

Club Visits by your Section Manager

I throttled back on club visits during November, attending the Parker County Ham Fest on the 2nd of November and the Red River Valley ARC near the end of the month

I look forward to stepping up my game the first of the New Year and again aggressively attending many club meetings. I plan on concentrating on visits to clubs that I have not yet been to. If you would like me to attend your club meeting and do a short presentation please have one of your club officers contact me.

Notes from Section Emergency Coordinator

Fall 2019 SET After Action:

The SET was a success with all sections of the West Gulf Division participating.  At the North Texas Section level, we handled over a hundred digital transmittals of consolidated traffic. From the Division level, we successfully consolidated had shared traffic between all four sections and Army MARS.

Below are summary points:


  • Over 20% of all Sections reported traffic including Activation, Situational Awareness and Deactivation
  • Traffic successfully consolidated at Sections; Consolidated at Division reported to SOC
  • Voice traffic nets took check-ins with numerous relays provided by stations outside of Sections


  • Voice Traffic nets during exercises and events are for check-ins and handling traffic. 
  • Utilize Frequencies based on propagation, not time of day
  • Ensure exercise directives are followed and formats requested, used as indicated


  • ECs identify themselves to ARES members and provide contact information
  • ECs work with members to provide multiple notification avenues for SETs including an avenue   for members to ask what their roles will be and how they can participate
  • Sections provide a notification process from SEC thru DECs and ECs

Please stay safe in all of your travels and activities. I look forward to working with all of you during the new year.

73, Greg Evans, K5GTX

Notes from the Public Information Coordinator

Today’s Sermon is from the book of Google® and seeks to address the questions, “What is Newsworthy?” and “Why should I care?”  (This is for all club members not just PIO’s.)

In response to the first part of today’s question subject, the PBS NewsHour responded to the question “What is newsworthy?” with the following five components. 1. Timeliness, 2. Proximity, 3. Conflict and controversy, 4. Human interest and 5. Relevance.

Timeliness means that the information or event you are trying to share with the public needs to be recent or new.  The information or event also needs to be physically close to the intended audience in order for them to feel that it has compelling significance to them. Conflict and controversy means that motion, excitement, and raised voices get our attention. To borrow from the crass newspaper line, "if it bleeds it leads." The next step is human interest. The simply means that people are interested in other people. People are interested in their “kith and kin.” The easiest way to get grandmother's attention is to write about the grandkids. Finally, we come to the topic of relevance.  This is where most of our carts come unhitched from the team. We think, “Who wouldn't be interested in ham radio?" Honestly, the answer is nobody else in the world but your grandparents are interested in your hobby. We must realize that for anyone to be interested in ham radio, we must tell the story of its relevance.  If you take a careful look at the first four items, you will quickly realize that in large part each of them is simply another way of breaking down the subject of relevance. The bottom line is that if the topic is not relevant to your reader they will not be. (your reader)

Notes from Katherine, KT5KMF

First of all I want to apologize for not getting anything out for September. I was extremely busy with school and marching band and unfortunately did not submit my article by the deadline. Driver and I were signed up to work recovery for the Plano Balloon Festival, but unfortunately weather happened and there were no launches. October was also an extremely busy month for me, but now that marching season is over I will hopefully be able to do a lot more with ham radio. 

One exciting thing did happen in October, however. The McKinney Amateur Radio Club set up a ham radio demonstration outside of CoCoBEST, a local robotics competition for middle and high schools. Despite the cold, wet weather, the club did get a few visitors throughout the day. One of my band friends even stopped by! I had a lot of fun, both outside at the club table as well inside helping with communications and passing out flyers. I am extremely grateful to the McKinney ARC for everything they did that day and, as they indicated that they want this to be an annual event for them, I’m excited to see what happens next year! If you’re in the area, make sure you stop by to watch the competition and say hello to the McKinney ARC members!

I was invited by the Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society to visit their booth at Carrollton’s Switchyard Festival the first weekend in November. The booth they had set up looked amazing, and I loved their idea of setting up a Morse Code key and giving people a chance to spell their name in Morse Code. I was really excited to see how many youth stopped by and showed interest in ham radio! While I was there, I made sure to try a few of the more than 60 different types of root beer sold in a nearby store!

One thing I started doing in November is taking part in the Richardson Wireless Klub’s weekend fox hunts. They are challenging, but Driver and I have had a lot of fun! I even convinced one of my friends from school to come along on the most recent one! 

Early Thanksgiving Day, Driver and I, along with several other hams, helped with Dallas Meals on Wheels. This is something we try to do every year and I always really enjoy it. This year over 4300 meals went out!

As always, if anyone has any information, ideas, or questions about youth related activities, please contact me at Also, don’t forget my Instagram page!  The username is kt5kmf.

73, Katherine, KT5KMF

Section Traffic Manager

Each month Field Organization Reports are filed with ARRL HQ. This includes the NTX Section Traffic Manager report which I send which provides National Traffic System station reports and traffic net details. This information is used for a few reasons, including the Public Service Honor Roll (PSHR) which is one way ARRL recognizes the valuable public service that radio amateurs provide. You can see a list of recognized stations in each monthly edition of QST – it’s on page 102 in the November 2019 edition. 

(Note:from Steve your SM) Aaron has also created a new Traffic Management website for our Section which may be found here 

Aaron M Hulett, K8AMH (

Our New Affiliated Club Coordinator

I hope to get all the clubs to update their ARRL records by end of January 2020. I'm also planning to remind/encourage club officers to follow a NTX Section updates on Facebook, Twitter, and/or is one of the 'official' communications channels between section leadership and members, as is the North Texas Section website

Here is a link to the Active Club Primer ( ) - it's my intention to highlight a League resource or offering with each newsletter message, to encourage recipients to open them.

Kenneth A. Hansen, N2VIP (

Section Manager Travels 

The New Year will bring me hitting the road to attend many club meetings and several Ham Fests. 

This past month and the balance of this month I am concentrating on Family time and hope that everyone will understand. Meanwhile please remember I am only an email or phone call away.

Telephone 318-470-9806  

The New Year, 2020 is around the corner

My Goals are to visit even more clubs next year than I have so far this short year. In the New Year, I look forward to attending clubs that have not yet seen me yet.

But more important is you… How can I serve you better, what can I help you with? Do you feel I should shift focus on any of my efforts….. For example the newsletter
Do you want me to continue putting out a Newsletter? Is anyone reading it or does use of the other communication tools between us negate the need for a monthly newsletter?

Last month I asked for help in awarding the many fine folks we have in our section. I expected to hear from someone that somebody deserved recognition or at least a thanks for a great job they are doing.

Here is exactly what I said in the last newsletter on this………

“I want your help recognizing those in our section with awards, each year, the ARRL Solicits Nominees for many awards. To find the awards, visit the ARRL website and look for “Nominations Solicited for 6 ARRL Awards” under news. Please take a look at those and see if you know someone that has earned an award, let me know.”

This leads me to believe that many, if not all are not even glancing at the Section Manager newsletter

Maybe I need to spell it out differently……….

If you know of someone that should receive a special thank you from your Section Manager for the great job they are doing, just drop me a short note. Tell me what they are doing that merits an award of thanks, who they are and what club they are a member of, if any.   Send by email to KG5VK@ARRL.ORG

Staying in the Know between SM Newsletter issues


Have an awesome Holiday Season, and see you Next year J