North Texas Section - American Radio Relay League

National Traffic System


The National Traffic System (NTS) represents one of the two branches of the ARRL Field Service Organization (the other being the Amateur Radio Emergency Service — ARES). Tasked with the role of quick and efficient movement of formal message traffic, the NTS makes use of the ARRL Radiogram message form to achieve this end. All emergency communicators can benefit from periodic participation on a local or Section net, as the skills and procedures used are directly translated to operation on any directed emergency net. Techniques utilized to originate, relay, and deliver Radiogram message traffic can be employed to handle other message forms (e.g., ICS-213, ARC-4612 and SATERN welfare message traffic).

For training on NTS, visit our YouTube Channel here.

Those interested in being a well-rounded emergency communications resource are encouraged to seek and participate on an NTS net. See our list of nets available in the North Texas Section.