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Chris Ebert NA0D Appointed Section Emergency Coordinator

Sep 19, 2017

ARRL North Texas Section Manager Jay Urish W5GM is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Ebert NA0D as the Section Emergency Coordinator.  

The SEC is the assistant to the SM for emergency preparedness. The SEC is appointed by the SM to take care of all matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) on a sectionwide basis. The SEC post is one of top importance in the section and the individual appointed to it should devote all possible energy and effort to this one challenging organizational program for Amateur Radio. There is only one SEC appointed in each section of the ARRL Field Organization.  For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the SEC, please visit

"We have been quite deficient, as a section, when it comes to emergency preparedness for quite some time," Jay Urish W5GM said.  "Chris has a lot of work ahead of him in getting the ARES program organized and standardized across the section. We have some strong ARES groups in the section, and we have some that are all but non-existent with minimal, if any, formal training. With Chris leading the charge, we should become the section the rest of the league looks to as the example."

Several highly qualified candidates have been vetted during the selection process that has spanned more than three months.  Chris hails from New Boston, Texas, and has been very active in amateur radio emergency communications with ARES and RACES since he was first licensed in 1995.  

Chris spent most of his life in public service as a firefighter/paramedic, working his way all the way up to Assistant Fire Chief.  If there was a position in the fire house, he could do it!

"The whole reason I became a ham was for public service," Chris said.  "Even though I've 'retired' from the fire service, I am still active in ARES and RACES."

The appointment is effective today, September 19, 2017.  Welcome Chris Ebert NA0D as the new Section Emergency Coordinator!