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Submit your PSHR report

Amateur radio operators volunteering in public service can qualify for recognition in ARRL’s Public Service Honor Roll. If you earned 70 points or more, use this form to submit your PSHR report by the 5th of the following month so that your information can be included in our monthly report to ARRL Headquarters.

Note: Official Relay Stations should continue submitting their SAR and PSHR reports through the traffic system.

    PSHR points
    Make sure to fill in all 6 values, even if your points are zero for a category.

    Category 1
    (Max 40)
    Category 2
    (Max 40)
    Category 3
    (Max 30)
    Category 4
    (No max)
    Category 5
    (No max)
    Category 6
    (No max)

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