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Welcome to Mentorfest 2021!

Saturday, April 24th
8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Mentorfest 2021 streamed live on YouTube!

Click here to watch a recording of the entire stream, including a replay of live chat!

We also have links to individual session videos below!

Door prizes!

During Mentorfest 2021 we gave away door prizes! Congratulations to these door prize winners!

  • Thomas King, KG5WEO, won a copy of the ARRL Operating Manual
  • Gary Oliver, N5GDO, won a copy of the ARRL Wire Antenna Classics book
  • Jerry Thompson, W7JT, won a copy of the ARRL Emergency Power for Radio Communications book
  • Jose Quiles, WA5CW, won a copy of the ARRL Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur book
  • Russell Harper, KI5NUG, won a copy of the ARRL Propagation and Radio Science book
  • Jon Suehiro, NN5T, won a copy of the ARRL Your First Amateur Radio HF Station book
  • Wyndell Ferguson, K5WJF, won a copy of Array of Light by Tom Schiller N6BT
  • Marshall Stewart, KA5M, won a copy of the ARRL Handbook

Mentorfest 2021 Sessions

Here are the sessions we held during Mentorfest, including links to YouTube to watch each one!

Opening Remarks

Steve, KG5VK, your North Texas Section Manager, welcomes you to this year’s all-virtual Mentorfest!

ARRL NTX Young Ladies YLs in Action presented by Johnnie KG5CQO and Team

Johnnie, KG5CQO, and team give an update about what our Section Young Ladies (YLs) are up to, including information about a new YL page on the Section website!

Learning and Enjoying CW by Eric NM5M

During Mentorfest 2021 Eric, NM5M, gives details about how to go about learning Morse code (CW).

Winlink by John KF5PFP

Winlink provides a great way to send and receive message digitally, and John KF5PFP gives some details.

Portable ECOM by Robert N5REG

Hams may be asked to serve during incidents, but how can you prepare to operate in a portable environment? Robert N5REG has some details.

Space Weather for Hams by Stan NW5Q

You may have heard from HF operators that the sun plays a role in how far you can reach, but why is that? Get the details from Stan NW5Q.

Virtual Ham Radio Shack by Dale KB5NFT

Have you ever considered operating a virtual ham radio shack? There are lots of options, and Dale KB5NFT shares several.

Towers and other Support Structures by Thomas N6BT

Antenna height can make a big difference, and Tom N6BT has information about how to think about installing and using towers and other support structures.

Closing Remarks by Steve KG5VK

Steve, KG5VK, your North Texas Section Manager closes our first ever all-virtual Mentorfest.







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