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Learning Center

Mentorfest 2021 on Saturday April 24th will be virtual this year! Monitor the Mentorfest page for the latest on presentations and how to attend!


Several amateur radio operators in our Section have offered to give presentations on many interesting amateur radio topics. Click here to learn more.

Find A License Class

Find a license class offered in your local area. Learn More

Find an Exam Session

Find a ham radio exam session in your community. Tests are given regularly. Learn More

FCC License Info and Forms

ARRL can provide helpful FCC information about licensing requirements, forms, fees and regulations. Learn More

Get on the Air

You’ve got your license, now what? Find resources to help you set up your first station, get on the air and have fun! Learn More

Ham Radio in the Classroom

Bring Amateur Radio and wireless technology literacy to America’s classrooms. Learn More

College Students

Check out Amateur Radio resources for college/university-level STEM students interested in RF and communications. Learn More


Ham Radio is FUN! Find resources for getting active and getting on-the-air. Learn More


The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program provides a thrilling introduction to space exploration. Learn More

Volunteer Instructors

Teaching a ham radio class? Here’s a collection of resources for volunteer instructors, radio clubs and mentors (Elmers). Learn More

Online Courses

Courses are currently available for Public Service and Emergency Communications. Learn More

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