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North Texas Section to Participate in 2019 COMMEX

Feb 20, 2019

The North Texas Section was invited to participate in a large-scale Communications Exercise (COMMEX).  The exercise, spearheaded at Camp Swift near Bastrop, Texas, is scheduled from 8am April 8th to 5pm on April 11th.  

The exercise will consist of multiple agencies and communications platforms for the purpose of practice and training in the Texas State Wide Interoperability Communication (SWIC) plan.

All ECs in the section are encouraged to participate, and this will satisfy the annual SET exercise. POC for this exercise in the North Texas Section is ASEC Greg Evans K5GTX at

This is an excellent opportunity to get tasks signed off in COML and COMT position task books for those groups who set up full multi-operational-period Incident Command System operations.

An event has been created on facebook at

The Incident Action Plan (IAP) below will be updated as information becomes available.  The South Texas Section has also published their IAP, and can be viewed by following this link:


Incident Action Plan

As of:  26-FEB-2019  1200  Prepared by: Jerry Goodson W5BFF ARRL NTX SEC

Incident Name: 2019 SET

Operational Period:  08-APR-2019 0800 to 11-APR-2019 1700 Note:  On-air operations are 08-APR-2019 1700 to 10-APR-2019 1700

Summary of Actions:

The North Texas Section is conducting a Simulated Emergency Test (SET) exercise in conjunction with the Communication Exercise (COMMEX) conducted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Various Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) will be stood up throughout the section during the operational period to evaluate response and efficiency of response, as well as support the goals and objectives of the COMMEX.


On Day 3 (10-APR-2019 1300-1700), Denton County Emergency Services and Denton County ARES will be conducting a net for the annual Medal of Honor Escort.  This is a real world event that falls at the end of the COMMEX and the SET, therefore, tasks will include relaying status reports and significant activity from operators monitoring those nets on amateur and public safety interoperability frequencies (ICS 205 information listed below).  Information will be relayed to the State Operations Center (SOC) via WinLink and WebEOC via any activated EOC.

NOTE:  The MOH nets are real world nets.  SET and COMMEX participants are monitoring those nets, not interfering with them.  Review the ICS 205 information below, and adjust any exercise frequencies so there is no interference with those nets.

Schedule:  Updated: 1530 04-MAR-2019

NOTE:  Scheduled meal times in this matrix is not an indication radio operations should cease during EOC Operations

Day 1 - 08-APR-2019

0900 - 1200:  Mobilization / Sign In / Initial Briefing
1200 - 1300:  Lunch
1300 - 1700:  IAP Completion
1700 - 1800:  Dinner
1800 - 1900:  Briefing / Setup
1900 - 2400:  EOC Operations / Receive and Complete Specific SET Tasks

Day 2 - 09-APR-2019

0000 - 0100:  MIDRATS  (Midnight Rations)
0100 - 0700:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks
0700 - 0800:  Breakfast
0800 - 1200:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks
1200 - 1300:  Lunch
1300 - 1700:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks
1700 - 1800:  Dinner
1800 - 2400:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks

Day 3 - 10-APR-2019

0000 - 0100:  MIDRATS (Midnight Rations)
0100 - 0700:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks
0700 - 0800:  Breakfast
0800 - 1000:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks
1000 - 1200:  COMMEX Support * State RACES Activated, and net control is transferred
1200 - 1300:  Lunch
1300 - 1500:  COMMEX Support
1500 - 1700:  EOC Operations / SET Tasks * State RACES De-activated, and net control is resumed
1700 - 1800:  Dinner
1800 - 1900:  Conclude EOC Operations / Close Nets
1900 - 2000:  Secure personal equipment / Pack up

Day 4 - 11-APR-2019

0800 - 1200:  Compile SET Documentation / Clean up / Debrief / Conclude SET

Goals and Objectives:

The overall objective for this SET is to give NTX Emergency Coordinators (ECs) a tangible exercise to evaluate the efficiency of their local ARES group while simultaneously supporting the COMMEX.  The SET isn't conveniently conducted over a weekend, so working around ARES member work schedules to maintain 24-hour operations is expected to be the biggest challenge.  This exercise doesn't call for activation of every EOC for every EC, so it's expected of ECs to request help from neighboring jurisdictions that aren't activated.

Every EOC will be given specific tasks to complete during EOC operations.  Every EOC will, ideally, be actively engaged throughout the operational period (48 contiguous hours).

The SET will give local ARES groups an excellent opportunity to utilize the ICS forms throughout the SET.

The SET will provide an opportunity for those ARES members who have received COML and COMT training to get tasks signed off in their position task books.

Specific Taskings:

These are pre-exercise task briefings.  More specific tasks will be assigned during the SET.

  • All personnel working in an EOC or emergency communications trailer should keep an ICS-214 log sheet for each operational period (shift) they work
  • Keep track of all expenses.  There's not a budget to reimburse from for this exercise, but expenses should be reported as if there were.
  • Each EOC should establish adequate operational periods (4 hour/8 hour/12 hour) to rotate COML and COMT trainees for task book signoffs.
  • Each EOC should generate an IAP for each operational period.

Resource Summary

Resource Ordered Identification/ Description Location/Assignment/Status
ARES Net Controller Net Control @ Net Controller QTH
EOC Collin County  
EOC Fannin County  
EOC Grayson County  
EOC Lamar County @ KG5VK QTH
EOC Rains County  

Communications List

This is sensitive information.  Login is required to view the contact list.

Incident Communications Plan - Medal of Honor Escort

Prepared 01-FEB-2019
By Jerry Garrett, ICS COM-L, Denton County Emergency Services
Operational Period 10-APR-2019 1300-1700

800MHz National Interop 8TAC91D LE / FD 851.5125 / 156.7 All escort vehicles with 800 only radios Linked by mobile gateway #1 to VTAC36 Repeater
VHF National Interop VTAC36 LE / FD

151.1375 R 156.7
159.4725 T 136.5

All escort vehicles with VHF radios Linked by mobile gateway #1 to 8TAC91D and UTAC41D
UHF National Interop UTAC41D LE / FD 453.4625 / 156.7 Escort motors with UHF only radios Linked by mobile gateway to VTAC36 Repeater
Denton County Amateur Radio Association ICE PLAN CH1 Traffic Information Net 146.92+ / 110.9 Amateur Radio Emergency Service Operators Traffic information net based at Denton County EOC
700MHz National Interop 7TAC51D BUS COMMS 769.14375 Bus to Escort Vehicles Linked by mobile gateway #2 to VTAC36 Repeater
Denton County Sheriff's Dept. TAC-2 Incident Command N/A LE and Medics responding to incident
Denton Co. S.O. Dispatch
Response to criminal action against civilian / LE during escort operations
*Linked by dispatch to VTAC36 Repeater